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Direction | With Ease We Deliver

Direction evolved and arose to fill-in-the gap of this flaw in the market.
New idea, new concept and robust infrastructure was implemented to satisfy both Companies and customers.

Live Monitoring

An easy to use dashboard customized to show your shipment updates.

Why Direction?

Successful men behind this company, studied the flaws of the market of Shipping Companies. We calculated every little aspect, detail and problem exists in this intersection. We discovered that the end-user or customer, not always get satisfied due to late delivery or not even delivering the package.

Why Choose Us?

Direction In Action A Day-to-Day report is provided to both Companies and Customers. We will acknowledge and disclose all of these little details in the privacy policy page to make it crystal clear for all involved parties to understand how we operate under the hood. Direction is keen on quality before quantity, and affordability over pricey services. Thus, day-to-day and real-time reporting helps the customer to better understand where exactly are their packages now. And with our API -Currently Under Construction- it will be super easy for other services from companies to integrate it with their awesome applications.

  • Easy to use company dashboard.
  • Create up to 4k shipping labels in seconds.
  • A customer call verfication for every single shipment to increase your delivery rates
  • Direction pickers waits for shipments, BUT NOT VICE VERSA, Your shipments will be 80% shipped the same day, 20% the next day.
  • Direction API to sync statuses with your website.(Web masters)

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